Common Gutter Problems

Every home needs a good gutter system to handle the flushing or rain or snow. Water damage can easily occur on the exterior and interior of the home if a proper gutter system is not installed. Here are some of the common problems homeowners often run into with gutters.

  • Clogged Gutters - Most of the time due to leaves and branches and results in an overflow of water on the roof and exterior of the home
  • Holes in Gutters - Water drips in unwanted places like exterior siding, windows, and walkways.
  • Missing Brackets - Hanging gutters as a result of a broken bracket. Also a safety hazard if it falls on someone.
  • Improper Turndowns - Where does the gutter transport the water? Make sure the last turnout of the gutter is pointing away from the yard or house to avoid flooding and other water damage.
  • Contractors can easily fix and repair any of these issues so that you can avoid the potential devastating effects on your home from not having a functioning gutter system on your home.